We built a one-of-its-kind leaderboard that tracks tech’s hottest products. Each month, starting today, we’ll tell you which gadget stars are rising, which are falling, and which dominate the tech universe.

Three years. That’s all it took for Google to go from its first branded hardware product — the Nexus One — to dominating the list of most desired hardware.


he Google Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 ranking first and fifth, respectively, on the CNET 100, our groundbreaking new monthly leaderboard of gadgets. Alongside the Apple iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Panasonic ST60 plasma TV, the two Google devices are the only two from the same manufacturer in the Top 5 products on the list:

  1. Google Nexus 5
  2. Apple iPad Air
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4
  4. Panasonic ST60 plasma TV
  5. Google Nexus 7

But Google isn’t the only one to make headlines in the CNET 100. The full rankings reveal some surprising and fascinating tech stories.


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Bissmillh Arhman Araheem I am a web designing student at G C University OF FAISALABAD and Computer is my passion.

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